Sharron Morgan is Director of Acquisitions. She has been interested in real estate investing for years and has owned residential rental property as well as vacation rental property.  In the past several years she has expanded her interests to include note buying, connecting investors with rent-ready properties, and other forms of real estate investing. Sharron has experience in management and administration, both in for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations.  She has a strong understanding of analyzing data and uses those special skills in creating excellent investment opportunities for our clients. She has owned her own retail business and has been involved in community leadership as a trainer, organizer, and volunteer. She also has experience as a mathematics teacher in secondary education.

Robert Michael is an Acquisitions Manager and Marketing Director. Robert’s investing experience is mostly through owning real estate (as well as purchases of antiques and art). He has an extensive background in marketing, primarily through his work in radio broadcasting and education. He was the manager of a Proprietary Broadcasting school, has been a Manager, News Director, Programming Director, Salesman, Advertising Manager, Production Director, and Announcer during his broadcasting career at a number of small to medium market radio stations in the Midwest. He has also been an Insurance Underwriter and newspaper Sportswriter. Robert is looking forward to helping you with your investment needs.

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