Report: Foreclosure Rate

Here's another indication that the housing market has turned a corner and for those of us dealing in delinquent real estate, that investment opportunity, while still robust, will begin showing signs of slowing down. In fact, while there are less than 400,000 REO...

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Real Estate Notes a Smart Investment Alternative

Why notes? One key reason to focus on buying notes in the present market is simply because there are so many of them out there following the nation’s most recent foreclosure crisis that began in 2006. Another reason is there are a greater number of exit strategies available to note buyers than simply purchasing the asset…

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Why Would You Want to Invest in Notes?

There are many reasons, many very good reasons to invest in real estate notes, primarily non-performing, first lean notes. The first would seem to be money, but for me there is an even greater reason: to help the home owner keep the house.

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